What are the immigration laws in Dubai?

What are the immigration laws in Dubai?

There are a few laws that immigrants in Dubai need to know so their time in Dubai goes well. Top law firms like smlawfirm.ae help out their clients in knowing all the required immigration laws.  

Approaching a company like smlawfirm.ae will be extremely helpful for immigrants in Dubai. There are a few basic laws that immigrants need to know and follow to live in Dubai.


The Islamic Law or the Sharia Law gives benefit of doubt until proven guilty. The court considers both the plaintiff as well as the defendant is equal in the court. There is zero tolerance for a crime in the UAE and the offender will have to face stringent consequences.

ID Card: Every resident/expat in the UAE must have an authorized ID. In case of immigrants, one should have a valid visa. Expatriates working in UAE should first visit www.eida.gov.ae and register themselves to obtain ID cards.

Dual Nationality: The government of UAE doesn’t permit dual nationality. Children with fathers in UAE acquire UAE citizenship automatically at birth. The passport may be confiscated if someone is caught trying to get dual nationality.

Entry/Exit Requirements: A passport is must to enter UAE. While some nationals belonging to certain countries obtain visas on arrival at the airport, some need it in advance.

Customs Restrictions: Travellers shouldn’t carry arms and items that are considered to be against the law. The place also has stringent ban on narcotics. It is better for immigrants to look at the items on the list of controlled substances in that shouldn’t be brought into the UAE.

Working Illegally: Working illegally in UAE is a punishable offence and may lead to deportation.

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