Role of light in commercial interior designing of pet shop

Role of light in commercial interior designing of pet shop

Lighting is one of the most important elements of good interior design. It enhances the beauty of our interior and brightens the mood of person.  Appropriate lighting increase the visibility in the pet shop and hence reduce eye fatigue and headaches as well as the chances of accidents when working with machinery in dim light.  For your commercial workspace you must look for commercial or retail interior design in Dubai.

Importance of lighting in commercial design:

  • If the workplace is designed by good lighting it assures a warm  and functional atmosphere.
  • It  creates an environment that enhances the mood and increase the productivity of the office staff.
  • It increases the output rate and ensures a better quality of work.

What Types of lighting should be used in commercial interiors

Lighting system must possess few characteristics which are discussed below

  • Brightness:
  • Brightness of light should be appropriate so that every object is clearly visible.
  • Intensity:

The intensity of light should be uniform all over the workplace and should not cast shadows.

  • Energy efficient:
  • The workplace can be illuminated by making use of energy efficient LED light sources.

 As we know lighting is a important aspect of any interior space, the basic structure should always be kept in mind and this mainly include the size of the layout. The commercial interior designers in Dubai will survey the area and give you the best lightening suggestions for your commercial interiors.


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