Pamper Your Pets With The Choicest Of Cakes

Pamper Your Pets With The Choicest Of Cakes

It is an undeniable fact that all of us love cakes and desserts. Even pets are no exception to this fact. In fact, some will only agree more to the fact that their pets are as crazy as any of us for desserts. But it is also known to all the pet owners that all the high amount of sugars and other calories rich ingredients in regular desserts harm our furry friends’ health very much. This makes the task of ignoring their innocent and puppy face even more necessary and difficult.

Here, the best cake shop in Dubai can come to your rescue. With their best and a vast variety of pet special cakes, you can pamper your pets with dessert treats as often as you wish. However, you also need to keep in mind that the question of how to select the right cake and flavor for your pets also holds very much importance. To help you solve it, here are some of the things that never go wrong for pets in general:

Cakes in Dubai

  •         Fruit it up: Each and every pet loves one or the other fruit very much. The common ones range from papayas to watermelons. Such fruits can be added to make the cakes tempting and irresistible with the added benefit of being healthy. Such fruits can be mashed up, pureed and mixed in the cake or used as toppings.
  •         Occasional treats are okay: Yu can occasionally treat your pets with added ingredients of cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, etc if they like it. The quantity and frequency, however, may vary depending on the breed of your pet, age, daily activities and the vet’s advice about your pet’s diet.
  •         Sharing is caring: Try to get such cakes for your pets which you too can share. This will not only create a special bond but you might also get to enjoy some special and humorous moments in this process.

G’s is a café, bakery and deli that sells the best pet cakes for your fury babies in Oman. With our in-house bakery, we can customize your orders according to your requirements and likings.


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