Lawyer’s Advice For Couple Who Wants To Divorce

Lawyer’s Advice For Couple Who Wants To Divorce

Ending a marriage is the most stressful situations one can go through. There are various reasons responsible for the divorce which includes unfaithful towards the partner, poor communication, heated arguments, job loss or financial issue, religious and cultural differences and unrealistic expectations. According to the facts, UAE has the highest rate of divorce. The family law in Dubai is very strict for the locals as well as, the expats.

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For the couple who wants to get a divorce, it is mandatory to understand the family law of Dubai. The divorce procedures are governed by the Islamic sharia law and it is hard to convince a judge that the marriage won’t work. According to the lawyer’s advice for the couples who want to divorce:

  • If the couple is both Muslims and is the citizens of Dubai then undoubtedly their divorce will be applied under sharia law. Also if a husband is Muslim and the wife is non-Muslim they will appear under the same law.
  • The couples who are non-Muslim or the expats they have the facility to file for the divorce in their own country.
  • The expats who want to facilitate divorce in Dubai courts must know that their country’s divorce law would be prevailed by the laws of sharia.
  • The divorce proceedings will be registered at Moral and Family Guidance Section of Dubai courts.
  • Once the case gets registered, the couple will have to take the counseling which is a mandatory process of a divorce proceeding. The appointed counselor will try to reconcile them discussing their issues and attempting to resolve them.
  • If the couple disagrees to consider and is adamant about getting separated then the case is then forwarded to the court to the respective judge to conclude the divorce case.
  • The duration of getting a divorce depends on how complex is the matter. It will take minimum three to six months or even more than that depending on the severity of the case.

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