Interior Design Ideas for pets friendly kitchen

Interior Design Ideas for pets friendly kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of the house. It is the lifeline of the house and the people residing in it. From that smoky flame to the colourful spices and vegetables, the kitchen is an area in the house which connects everyone and is always bustling with activities. In this area, where everything is being designed artistically, be it the drawing room or the bedroom of the house with different colours and textures to bring vibrancy to your house, the kitchen too can be designed to give classy and an elegant look. This makes them more than just being a place to cook. Modern kitchens add to the beauty of the house. There are many interior designs companies in Dubai, which help you to design the kitchen of your choice where cooking feels like art. If you are looking up for some interior design ideas for your modern kitchens then here are some.

  • In the case of modern designs, countertops, metal and slate are the trending ones as they give an industrial touch to the kitchen and add to the durability and style of the kitchen. These materials can be paired with complementary textures such as glass, which are used in backsplash or leather on seating.
  • The hard-edged countertops, the structured cabinetry system add to the sleekness of the kitchen as compared to the round edges and the sleek stainless steel structures and hardware.

  • The modern designs go for minimisation. Many interior design companies in Dubai provide a new look to the interiors of the kitchen by using this principle of minimization. The minimisation approach goes well with the pared down approach. In this method of minimization, the extras in the kitchen such as pendant lights for fuss-free recessed lighting and swap space hogging appliances for models are tucked in drawers then follow it by making a place for everything and then put everything in place. A pullout pantry and full height cabinets can be considered for this. Exposed cabinets are another option. It establishes an airy feel to the room while it also exposes the tidy stack of dishes and glasses.
  • A modern and neutral color palette gives breath to the kitchen, making it look more spacious. The monochromatic colors can be used for this purpose as they are uniform. The geometric pattern is yet a subtle way to add interest to the kitchen.

The kitchen can be designed in lot many ways by combining different styles and colors. Find the interior designer of your choice and experience the change. Visit for more details


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