Formation of a healthcare facility in Dubai

Formation of a healthcare facility in Dubai

As we know that UAE is the world leader in many aspects, and therefore many expats from around the world look forward to move to UAE, especially to the city of Dubai. There are investment opportunities in many utility industries like a healthcare facility. The rulers emphasize on ensuring to provide the best medical facilities to the Arabs and therefore if you are thinking of LLC company formation in Dubai, health industry if where you must invest. Another thing to keep in mind is that UAE has a lower ratio of doctors and medical facilities in comparison to other developed countries. This gives a scope of growth in the healthcare industry here. Here we shall be taking a look at a few ways for an LLC company formation in Dubai in the medical field.

Before proceeding further with your healthcare facility formation in Dubai, you must know that any issues related to healthcare services in Dubai are supervised and regulated by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). Now let us take a look at the procedure for opening a healthcare facility.

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  •         Trade name reservation

You should decide upon a trade name to obtain a license from the appropriate authorities. You are required to file an online application with DED for the reservation of trade name. Once done and the trade name is registered you can proceed further.

  •         DED approval

Once the trade name is reserved, you must then file an application with DED for getting approval for opening your healthcare facility. Along with the application you must also submit your passport copy and the layout plan of the clinic.

  •         DHA approval

Once your application get an approval from the DED, you should then apply to the DHA to get license for your clinic along with documents like feasibility report for proposed clinic.

  •         Submit Executing Documents

You must then prepare and execute the documents including Memorandum and Articles of Association, lease agreements and other such, so that you can register your healthcare LLC with DED.

  •         Get a final approval from DED

Submit all the executed documents along with copy of receipt of initial approval and payment of fee for registering your LLC with DED. These shall be verified by DED and the trade license in the name of clinic shall then be issued.

  •         Get a DHA license

You must furnish the details of medical professionals and licensed consultant  who will work in your clinic to the DHA. The DHA will issue a license after verifying them.

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