5 Methods For Effective Rodent Control

5 Methods For Effective Rodent Control

The word ‘rodent’ is derived from the French word ‘rodere’ which means “to gnaw”. Rats and mice are responsible for damage costing billions of dollars each year. They have the ability to transfer diseases, such as rabies and leptospirosis. They contaminate food and cause damage to furniture and other housing material. They gnaw their way through barriers using their powerful and sharp front teeth. If saying in Dubai visit www.cosmospestcontrol.com

Due to the great damage caused by them, rodent control is an important issue for many homeowners. The simplest and the best way to avoid this damage is to prevent the rodents from entering your house. If they do enter your house despite all precautions, you can proceed with rodent control in Dubai with the following ways:

  •   Block entranceways

The first and most important way to ensure protection from rodents is to prevent them from entering your house in the first place. A thorough inspection must be held at your house to check for leaks, crevices and other corners which can be great hiding places for rodents. All such gaps and openings must be sealed off for extra protection.

  •   Prevent exterior access

Excessive and overgrown vegetation of trees and weeds around your house provide easier access of rodents to your home. To keep rodents away from your home, make sure that vegetation around your house is well trimmed. Also make sure that outdoor items are stored a few inches above the ground. Keep trash cans safely sealed.

  •   Remove inside attractors

To prevent rodents from taking advantage at your place it is important to keep your house clean and sanitised. Keep food inside airtight containers and keep it stored in cabinets or refrigerator. Throw garbage out daily and keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean.

  •   Rodent Traps

In case rats or mice succeed in entering your premises, the most efficient way of controlling them is to lure them in a trap. Study the size and type of rat or mice present in your house and get a trap of the correct size.

  •   Using Rodent Baits

One of the efficient ways to kill rodents is with the help of baits placed inside the house. After baiting, ensure that food is properly stored away and garbage is taken out regularly to avoid the entering of other rodents.

Dubai, like any other city, faces a problem of rodents. Rodent control in Dubai is offered by many companies like Armoure Pest Control.

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