5 common Botox myths busted!

5 common Botox myths busted!

Best Botox in Dubai has become quite popular in the past few years. However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the treatment. Here are the most common myths about botox treatment. We bust them for you in this article.

  • The best time to get the treatment done is when the lines appear: This is a major belief but it is not true! The treatment works by smoothing the skin and waiting till the lines appear makes it quite difficult as the lines need to be filled first. Also preventive botox is always better as the person gets to know how to move the face and what is not good.

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  • Wrinkles get worse if the treatment is stopped: This is just a myth! The treatment sessions can be reduced if the patient gets to know how to maintain the treated skin. When the treatment is stopped, the muscles relax and get back to normal. This can make it look like wrinkles. However, this is not because you have stopped the treatment.


  • It can be done by teens: Well, the treatment is usually preferred by older adults. And the doctor will usually advice teens to not get it done. The best age to get it done is after 20.


  • The treatment is only for wrinkles: Most people are under this misconception. They also treat muscle tension, migraines, and straining of muscles. it also helps in reducing excessive sweating by blocking the sweat gland.


  • It is just for women: This is a false assumption. While most women prefer to get it done, the treatment is also quite popular among men, mostly from the glamor industry.

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